Cluckie the Vampire Chicken

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Cluckie is a vampire chicken who is forced to hunt chickens by day because they are on total lockdown at night. Seeing as vampires explode in sunlight, our fanged and feathered anti-hero must devise ingenious sun-dodging ways to protect himself and get his grub!!

We produced a series of five, one minute episodes for Nickelodeon UK, the aim of the show was to try and capture the essence of the golden age of animation whilst updating it in a contemporary way for today’s audience. Below are the episodes, afterwards you can head over to our ‘Art Of’ section to view the whole production process from our original pitch to final movie sequences.


5 Responses to “Cluckie the Vampire Chicken”
  1. joão says:

    can i watch more movies of cluckie on the internet? i’d like to!!!
    it’s so funny

  2. Freakish Kid says:

    Cluckie is in festivals at the moment and a general rule is that they like it not be on the net if possible. You can watch it on Nickelodeon at the moment, unfortunately its on at random times. We will be posting all the episodes online as soon as it has been to all the festivals.

  3. Guido says:

    Fantastic stuff Monsieur Gamble. Genius.

  4. i love vampire chicken :D


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  1. [...] The first episode (available above) showcases Cluckie’s acrobatic sun-dodging abilities while the other installments each provide an entertaining (albeit short) glimpse into this fiendish foul’s attempts at chicken-chomping glory and are well worth the 5 minutes it take to view. For all of the episodes and a really great look at Freakish Kid’s Behind-the-Scenes artwork and process, visit their blogsite. [...]

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