Cartoon Netwrk ID’s: Weight Lifter

September 23, 2009 by  
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LifterHeadThe second of our Cartoon Network Idents. This one was pretty straight forward and one of the chosen ideas that did not involve a Cartoon Network show. It’s always great to take a logo or famous brand and add your own ideas to it and the guys at CNUK we’re behind this one all the way.

We did change the ending slightly, originally the logo just crashed to the floor squishing the big, bulky lifter (something that you can see from the animatic below). Adding the logo falling through the floor was an extra touch of comedy gold. The squeal we hear after the logo falls is also a nice touch. Great work by everyone involved as this ID really stands out from the bunch we did, short, sharp and to the point.

More Cartoon Network ID’s to come!

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