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Muddle Earth DemoWe recently did a design and test for a BBC show called Muddle Earth – from the childrens book by Paul Stewart. The series was intended to be produced in 3D but because of budget restrictions the producer was looking for a different way of making the show. That’s where we stepped in! We were asked to produce a small demo to show what the series might look like in 2D. Over the course of 2 weeks we produced a demo that went on to impress the producer – like most things we thought the series was in the bag, especially because of the feed back from the producer but alas it wasn’t to be. The upside is the demo and concept artwork make a great post! Enjoy!

Muddle Earth: Character Designs

Muddle Earth: Character Designs

Muddle Earth: Background Concept

Muddle Earth: Background Concept

Muddle Earth: Background Concept

Muddle Earth: Background Concept


5 Responses to “Muddle Earth”
  1. nice.. I worked on some of the main characters here in 3D..

  2. Nicely done actually, I like that, Colors look great.

  3. Matarawi says:

    Nicly done, Great colors, amazing surrounding enviroment and background.

  4. Ben says:

    Sigh…Proper animation like this rejected in favour of cheap, flash-based animation.


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